Samm Henshaw Finds Joy While Going Corporate In ‘All Good’

Samm Henshaw had us feeling good and feeling great when he dropped his new single "All Good" last week. With the push (and Samsung partnership) behind it, we knew that the British star would be delivering a visual for the track at some point. Now we've got a happy-go-lucky video that matches the song's feel-good vibe.

The clip starts with Samm experiencing all the hallmarks of the 9-5 corporate life. Suits and ties, desks and watching the clock all feature in the visual's narrative. Joy is still managing to seep into the soul-sucking settings, however. There's the slight bop in his co-worker's mannerisms and the rhythm of the mundane at first. Eventually, though, things get straight fantastical. A full-on dance routine breaks out as we're transported to different versions of the office that include a reflective foil dance section, Samm dancing on the ceiling and even a simulated joyride in a sticky-note covered car.

Perhaps the video is asking us to find joy in even the mundanity of everyday life. Or maybe it's just saying that there's joy everywhere you look. Either way, it's a message that we can get behind. Get an instant smile on your face when you watch Samm Henshaw get his life in the office in "All Good" below.