SoulBounce’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers

Happy Little Home Art Retro Music Posters

Tired of staring at the same four walls? We feel you, especially during this quarantine life. But Happy Little Home Art has a pretty dope solution for our boring walls. Their Retro Music Posters take modern-day artists and transport them back in time, using vintage graphic designs inspired by song titles.`

Snoop Dogg as a Blaxploitation hero in "Doggfather" works on so many levels. Satire reigns as Childish Gambino transforms into Marvel's Captain America for "This Is America." Missy Elliott turns up the heat as a sexy housewife ("All Up N My Grill"); Beyoncé incites fear and awe as the 50 Ft Woman ("Run The World") and Uncle Sam ain't got nothin' on Andre 3000's recruiting skills ("Hey Ya"). Other prints feature Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Amy Winehouse, Daft Punk and more. You'll be the envy of your next video conference with any one of these framed posters in the background. – B. Cakes

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