Steven Christopher Is Living His Best Life In ‘Single Minded’

Photo Credit: Luis Godinez

There's an old saying that goes "I can do bad all by myself," but singer-songwriter Steven Christopher flips that notion on his song "Single Minded." As a matter of fact, Steven is living his best life in the track's music video and happily enjoying his own company.

Although this may be the time of the year when people want to be bunned up, some people are quite content with rolling solo dolo, especially in the midst of a whole pandemic. That's where we find Steven in the self-directed "Single Minded" video that takes place on "Quarantine: Day 2" way back in the spring (which legit feels like an eon ago now). Our leading man is chilling like a villain in a massive mansion in the hills. He's got the whole house to himself and luxuriates in bed before jumping up and down on the California King, goes HAM ordering food from Postmates, works off his meal doing aerobics and sits down to tickle the ivories on the piano he just got delivered. Steven revels in excess and his solitude as he matter-of-factly sings, "I been on my own for a while, yeah / Used to feel alone now I like it."

Steven wrote and produced "Single Minded" for all those living and loving the single life like himself. "Not everyone is crying over love like that, all the time," he said about the song. "We can take it or leave it. We're more focused on loving and taking care of ourselves." If living single and self-care is your jam, then Steven Christopher's "Single Minded" is for you.


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