Adeline Slays Her ‘COLORS’ Debut With ‘Whisper My Name’

Our favorite bass-playing beauty, Adeline, kicked off the New Year with the new song “Whisper My Name.” The smooth groove serves nostalgic energy slightly reminiscent of Bootsy’s Rubber Band’s “I’d Rather Be With You.” In her signature tone, she sings of a love so magical and magnetic, the two have “become another entity.” With feelings too strong to ignore she declares, ”Your eyes tell me where I belong / Every time we kiss, feels like home / Whispers, telling me you’re the one / Playing over in my head like a song.”

Our introduction to the new single was accompanied by her brilliant debut performance on the COLORS platform. Against a berry-colored backdrop and decked out in a vibrant turquoise, leopard print Elzinga mini dress, she owns the performance and calls it “a dream come true.” With the release of her stellar EP Intérimes, the announcement of Nightshade, her new production outfit and partnership with Morgan Wiley, and their first hit single for Atlantic Records artist Kamauu entitled "Mango," it’s hard to believe Adeline is just now making her rounds to COLORS. However, with such a stunning premiere, there’s sure to be plenty more outlets looking to showcase her striking live performances.

Kick back and indulge in Adeline's "Whisper My Name" audio and COLORS performance, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. As indicated by her steady grind despite the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, her creativity knows no bounds and we’re hopeful that this latest release is simply the start of more new music to come.

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