LOONY Gets ‘raw’ & Announces New EP ‘soft thing’

Singer-songwriter LOONY kicked off the new year with new music and her adoring fans couldn’t be more excited. The song “raw” follows the breezy energy of her previous single "be cool," released back in October, and tells the tale of baring it all for the one you love. She explains, “‘raw’ is being in the moment with someone, and being completely clear, completely present. It’s waking up beside someone and seeing them in the light of day. And I mean really seeing them. Daylight can be harsh and unforgiving - it lets you see in high definition all the things that we usually hide whenever we get the chance.”

As if the new single wasn’t enough to send her growing fan base into a frenzy, the Toronto-based artist also announced that her forthcoming EP soft thing is set to drop in June. The project follows her 2020 EP JOYRiDE and continues along the theme of transparency set by her most recent releases. She says, “There’s a lot of songs on this next project that deal with a love that’s deeper than the physical, and it’s not that ‘raw’ doesn’t express those same sentiments - because to love someone truly is all about going below the surface - but it’s also a blatant and unapologetic celebration of that surface, a marriage of body and soul through a lover’s eyes. It's seeing someone in their raw, naked glory, seeing yourself in their reflection, and being absolutely in love with every inch of it.”

Strip down and give LOONY’s “raw” a spin and grab it from your preferred digital platform. Stay tuned as the rollout for her forthcoming EP soft thing continues and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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