NAO & Adekunle Gold Have The ‘Antidote’ For Your Blues

It’s not hyperbole to say that 2020 was on some wild ish. And 2021, with all the political shenanigans and the 'Rona still on the rise, ain't looking much better. But we can’t let the bad make us lose sight of the good in our lives. That’s the focus of NAO’s duet with Adekunle Gold, “Antidote.”

The British artist shared her reasons for writing the track via Instagram, stating: “Here is a gift from us, to give you some positivity going into 2021. We wrote ‘Antidote’ as a musical remedy 4 U during these times and as an ode to our daughters, who were both born weeks apart from each other during the pandemic. They filled us with love. They were our Antidote to all that was happening in the world. This song is a summer remedy for your winter days. We hope that our antidote can be yours too.”

If you don’t feel anything when you listen to “Antidote,” then you might need to check your pulse. The smooth, mid-tempo Afrobeats groove will take you away like Calgon. Vocally, NAO and Adekunle are on point, as they gush over their daughters, sharing sweet thoughts like, “You make me see things differently / You make me feel things differently / I feel you deeper deep in me / I feel your (ener) energy.”

Along with the track, the duo also shared a feel-good music video. The singers come in and out of the camera's focus while the background colors change from a cool blue in Adekunle's scenes to a warm golden glow surrounding NAO. Of course, the song about their daughters includes appearances from the tiny tots in the clip with their parents beaming as they sing to their girls toward the end.

“Antidote” is the first track we’ve heard from NAO since her collaboration with Lianne La Havas, “Woman.” We’re looking forward to more music, more collabos and another album from the artist in the New Year.

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