Gallant Will Make You ‘Relapse.’ Into Love

Gallant recently popped back up on the scene with a get-your-boo-back track entitled “Comeback.” and a cute video that highlighted his unique sense of humor. While that video ended with him not getting that old thing back, our hero is undeterred. He returns with the new song “Relapse.” likening his love to a drug.

Drug and alcohol metaphors in songs are pretty common, but Gallant manages to make it feel fresh on "Relapse." with its tale of an addiction to love. He's clearly got someone sprung when he sings, “'Cause when I touch you like that (Like that) / It's enough to make you wanna relapse (Relapsе)," on the chorus. His tender delivery over the chill sound bed of guitar, piano and violin belies the fact that his love is the shhh.

In addition to dropping the single, Gallant has also shared a visualizer to showcase the song's lyrics. The clip takes us on a car trip through the countryside via home video-like footage as the lyrics appear scribbled on the screen.

“Relapse.” is the second single from Gallant’s forthcoming release Neptune, and it's a very special song for the artist. "‘Relapse.’ means a lot to me — it was the first song I wrote for Neptune after I could sense things weren’t working out between me and my former label,” he shared via press release. “I wanted to be able to escape to something that felt like the middle of summer break when school’s out and you don’t have to keep track of the days anymore. Something you can keep going back to that seems like it was made for you and only you."

We're here for Gallant's inspiration, his vision and his newfound freedom. His Neptune EP will be out some time in March.

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