Anthony Hamilton Pays Tribute To Frontline Workers At The NBA All-Star Game With ‘Just Fine’

We've now entered the one-year mark when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. While there have been many figures that have made headlines (for reasons great or dubious), the only real heroes of this all have been the frontline workers. They've been rightly celebrated throughout this time and the tributes keep coming. The latest came from none other than Anthony Hamilton, who serenaded them with a performance of his The Point Of It All track "Fine Again" during this year's NBA All-Star Game.

The song, about things eventually righting themselves, is inspiring enough — especially as we seemingly come to the home stretch of things. However, Anthony makes the performance extra special by weaving in images of actual frontline workers. We see grocery clerks masked-up serving the public, doctors risking their lives to save others and others doing their jobs in order to make life as smooth as possible for others. He also managed to include images of them being celebrated, with signs of love and admiration. This all happens as Anthony gives an impassioned performance that is sure to get you in your feels.

With vaccinations finally rolling out to the public at a regular clip, it's looking like things might actually be fine again. Hopefully that means that we'll be seeing each other in the crowd at a concert sooner rather than later. Keep that hope alive when you check out Anthony Hamilton giving us a reassuring performance of "Fine Again" below.