Brent Faiyaz Wants To ‘Show U Off’

Last month, Brent Faiyaz surprised us with his Tyler, the Creator and DJ Dahi collaboration, “Gravity.” On the track, he was talking about taking your main girl with as you achieve success to stay grounded. He’s continuing to praise women with his new single “Show U Off” just in time for Women’s History Month.

“Show U Off” is about celebrating the important women in our lives. Over a smooth, atmospheric groove, Brent lays out some of the trials and tribulations that women go through, from single motherhood and dealing with no-good men. While all of this can get to be a bit dreary, he does offer hope in the form of his own shoulders to cry on and loving arms. “Who's gonna love you crazy? /I'm never gonna let you fall /I know you ain't lookin', but if you're lookin' /Then look no further /Because you're worth it, girl,” he sings in his

Along with the new track, Faiyaz also shared a video for "Show U Off." The clip showcases different women in candid moments. The clip starts with a couple of young women in a reflective moment in their respective bathrooms. We then see vignettes of women young and old. The clip ends with Brent and some of the women in his family gathered together in celebration.

Brent Faiyaz has been busy lately. Beyond the two tracks mentioned, he also dropped a surprise video for “Circles” and a three-song EP, DO NOT LISTEN. Of course, this isn’t too much of a shock as the singer has been grinding almost non-stop for the last few years since his debut EP, Sonder. We think all of this hustle might mean his first full length is just around the corner.

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