Carmen Rodgers Is Up To ‘No Good’

Carmen Rodgers showed off many facets of the human experience with her recent EP Hello Human, Vol 1. While we definitely loved every second of the set's six tracks, we must admit that the mellow-smooth kiss off of "No Good" had us at "it's me, it's not you." Now she's giving the song a new life as the first visual from the set.

The visual plays off the song's theme but showing Carmen walking into the home of who we presume to be her man. He's had to run out real quick and leaves a note on the door telling the singer to make herself at home in his abode. Big mistake! The romantic notion is soon flipped on its head as Carmen does exactly what the note says, though probably not in the way that her man intended. She proceeds to run through his home like a bull in a china shop. She goes through his mail, his liquor, his decor, his snacks and his closet while leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. During her spree of disarray, Carmen makes time to smile for the camera and warn that maybe he should've taken heed of her advice to walk away.

While we love to see a romantic story, we also love it when people take the time to show that not-so-lovey-dovey side of things when it comes to romance and relationships. Leave it to Carmen Rodgers to do just that in a fun way. Check out her video for "No Good" when you press play.