Faith Evans Urges Us To Live For ‘Right Now’

With us marking a year inside this weird new world that the COVID-19 pandemic introduced, we could all use a little encouragement. And who better to give us that necessary word than the R&B first lady herself Faith Evans. The industry veteran teams up with producer Jovan J. Dawkins and rapper Big Knuck to do just that with her latest single "Right Now."

On "Right Now," Faith encourages us to live for the moment instead of waiting for later. The sentiment of carpe diem isn't a new one, but Faith puts a little oomph behind it with her soulful vocal. "There's no better time to live it up / No better time to love it up / No better time, listen up / No better time, don't give up," she sings on the pre-chorus. Helping her vocals soar is inspirational production from Dawkins, who goes with high-flying synths and bombastic drums to express the hope in the lyrics. Big Knuck joins near the end to recap all the things we've endured in the past year — from COVID-19 to the senseless murder of George Floyd — while still capturing the feeling of hope for a better day to come.

There's not a lot of information about "Right Now" (including if the single is part of a larger compilation), but it's just the message we need to hear right now. Press play below and allow Faith Evans to give you a dose of inspiration.

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