Madison McFerrin Puts ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ For ‘Sounds Of Saving’

It's no secret that music can save lives. In fact, for those suffering depression or contemplating suicide, hearing the right song at the right time could very well be the difference between life and death. Sounds Of Saving, an organization devoted to reducing suicide rates through the human connection to music, has been touting this connection with its "Songs That Found Me At The Right Time" series, which features artists covering songs that helped them through hard times. The latest to take part in the series is singer-songwriter Madison McFerrin.

Madison shares how thoughts about music, mental health and her own coping mechanisms in the latest installment of the series. She also delves into how the pandemic and how her inability to perform live music has been difficult for her. Still, music seems to always be there. "There are certain things about music where it just really helps you zone out," she says during the installment. "And not in a way that makes you not present, but in a way that can actually make you more present." Her thoughts lead into a cover Radiohead's seminal song "Everything In Its Right Place."

Her take on the song finds her using her body and vocals to recreate the haunting song, which features the refrain of its title repeated like a mantra. Madison's take is just as haunting as the original, which was originally written by Radiohead's Thom Yorke for the group's album Kid A, with her voice reverberating throughout her performance in a reassuring matter, perhaps exemplifying why it means so much to her.

"I think one of the reasons why I love music as much as I do is it stops a lot of the noise that's in my brain," she says in the clip. "I had a unique experience in the fact that I am a Black woman who had access to therapy from a really early age. And I'm incredibly grateful for that. Now that the conversation has opened up to have more awareness of everyone's mental health. I think it's incredibly important for Black people to dive into that, especially considering the generational trauma that has been experienced in America is so deep."

Sounds Of Saving partnered with The Loveland Foundation, a foundation which aims to offer support and mental health services to Black communities with a focus on Black women and girls, to bring us this clip. After listening to the story of Madison McFerrin, visit both Sounds Of Saving and The Loveland Foundation to see how you can aid both organizations in their cause.

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