SoulBounce Exclusive: Bonita Jalane Does Some Soul Searching On ‘Unfollow’

Most of the time, we’re not fans of people announcing when they’re going on a hiatus from social media. It’s like, please, just go. But when it comes with a powerful message, some genuine self-love and a good beat, we’re all for it. That’s the case with Bonita Jalane’s new single “Unfollow” featuring Ria706. The singer shares her own up and down relationship with being online and being seen in a SoulBounce exclusive world premiere.

On “Unfollow,” Jalane does some deep diving in her soul to explore why she, like many of us, is addicted to looking at screens 24/7 and how it’s messing with her mental. On top of that, being an independent artist, being popular online is important to your success. If you aren’t doing your PR on IG, Tikkity Tokking with a viral dance or writing mini-thinking pieces on Twitter, do you even exist? Bonita, with some backup from Ria706, shares in the chorus, “I used to do it for the love, the love, the love / Now I do it for likes, the hearts, the buzz / But they don’t know I just need a hug.” While not all of us are trying to make our music pop for the public, we can still relate to once being on social media to just be social, when now we all feel like we’re like curating our own brands, even if it’s just the most meaningless, insignificant things, like breakfast.

Bonita Jalane hails from Brooklyn, NYC and has been on her grind for a while, providing hooks for Cam’Ron and the Dipset crew and touring with BET’s How Sweet The Sound tour. We believe she’s definitely one to “follow” to see what she’s does next.

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