Trevor Jackson Will ‘Get To You’ One Way Or Another

We're a little scared of Trevor Jackson. We don't say that because he's a talented triple threat whose prowess seems to grow with every passing day. Nor do we say that because of his undeniable good looks that would make even the most sophisticated lady swoon. We say that because this brother plays crazy very, very well. He takes it there once again in the visual for his latest single "Get To You."

The song, about doing petty things to get under his ex-girl's skin, tells us all the things he's doing just to get a little of her attention. The video amps this sentiment up to the 10th degree. It starts with Trevor drowning his sorrows at a bar. This seems inconspicuous enough until the camera pans over and you realize it's the same bar that his ex and her date are at.  This is the point where things escalate at dangerous levels. How dangerous, you ask? Throughout the course of the video we get a little gunplay, a brutal fight scene, a car crash and a few other harrowing moments. While we can relate to him being heartbroken, Trevor's obsessive behavior here is downright terrifying (proof that the brother can act) and brings a more sinister interpretation to the song's lyrics.

If you're familiar with the visual catalog of Trevor Jackson, then you know that this is territory he's delved into before with his video for "Tell You The Truth." However, the clip for "Get To You" gives a different approach to things and makes us wonder what other visuals he'll be bringing upon the release of his full-length debut The Love Language. We'll get to see after the set is released this Friday, March 26th. Until then, watch Trevor get his act on in "Get To You."