Cautious Clay Has A Run-In With ‘Karma & Friends’ & Announces Debut ‘Deadpan Love’

Cautious Clay is finally ready. The singer-songwriter has been teasing the release of his debut album for quite some time. Now he's in a sharing mood, letting us know that his album Deadpan Love is soon on its way. The 12-track set will be released this summer. But before its imminent arrival, Cautious is giving us one more listen and view with the release of the video for "Karma & Friends."

"Karma & Friends" tells the age-old tale about those who only want you when you're up. While it's a story we've all heard before, Cautious Clay gives it a new life with inventive lyrics and head-nod worthy production. "Karma and friends / I'm not so impressed, my love / I know what you're after / Strawberry Benz," he sings on the chorus. "You can't even expense my love / I know what you're after." He takes this concept a bit further in the song's video. After watching a series of get-rich-quick videos, Clay is living large and in-charge. As he lives the fabulous life, something doesn't feel quite right. The other shoe drops when he discovers the woman behind those tapes was arrested and her sham discovered. Too bad for him, as his bills have come up due and it's back to square one for him.

"Karma & Friends" joins "Roots" and his other singles from the upcoming album, which finds Cautious Clay confronting some of life's bitter realities. "Deadpan Love explores the ways I cope with the worst of what humanity has to offer," Cautious said of the set. "It's about opposites—having an outer layer that’s tougher, this 'deadpan' state, and an inner layer of compassion, where you're open to being there for the people you care about. It's this warring compassion and cynicism that has empowered me to express myself through this medium."

Check out the audio and video for "Karma & Friends" and Deadpan Love's tracklist below.

Cautious Clay Deadpan Love tracklist:

1. High Risk Travel
2. Shook
3. Karma & Friends
4. Strange Love (feat. Saba)
5. Box of Bones
6. Agreeable
7. Dying In The Subtlety
8. Why Is Your Clay So Cautious?
9. Artificial Irrelevance
10. Whoa
11. Wildfire
12. Spinner
13. Roots
14. Bump Stock

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