Chiiild Drops ‘Sleepwalking’ & ‘Awake’ Featuring Mahalia Ahead Of Debut Album

Following the release of his 2020 EP Synthetic Soul and the "Bonafide" collaboration with Emotional Oranges at the top of this year, Montreal-bred singer-songwriter Chiiild gifts his growing fanbase with a soulful two-piece. He kicked off the rollout for his forthcoming debut album with the release of his surreal single “Sleepwalking” and its dreamy Daniel Regan-directed visual. Chiiild describes the song as a “self-reflective song about reclaiming agency over your life” noting, “We all have something that makes us special, that nurtured can create something beautiful." For the abstract visual, we watch as folks of all ages and from different walks of life travel backwards on a beach. Chiiild continues, “With Dan Regan at the helm, the sleepwalking video enters a new dimension. Aiming to create a future nostalgia.”

As a well-suited follow-up, Chiiild dropped “Awake,” a sexy mid-tempo bop featuring British songstress Mahalia. The two take turns professing their anticipation for a bit of private time and their sensual energy is palpable. Their vocals blend effortlessly over the lustful track, punctuated with a penetrating bass line and groovy guitar work, making it the perfect addition for your adult time playlist.

Vibe out to his new singles and watch Chiiild’s "Sleepwalking" video below. Be sure to add the track, along with "Awake" featuring Mahalia, to your collection from your preferred digital platform. While the release date for his debut album Hope For Sale has not yet been revealed, we’re already locked-in for more as part of the project’s rollout.

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