Joyce Wrice Offers Sound Advice At The Piano In ‘Overgrown’

Joyce Wrice has continually impressed with her talents. That's especially true when it comes to her debut album Overgrown. The set is filled with enough bops to last us all year — including singles "So So Sick" and "On One" — but it also has a heart thanks to ballads like title track "Overgrown." Following the previous singles, that one is now the latest from the album to get the video treatment.

Joyce's previous videos featured parties and dance sequences, but she strips all that away this time around. Instead, we get the singer and her craft on full display in the Yavez Anthonio-directed clip. She sits on a lawn in L.A. while playing an upright piano for the emotional ballad. Though she looks absolutely gorgeous as her wavy tresses blow in the wind, keeping things at their most basic allows the lyrics and Joyce's beautiful vocal to truly shine. "But don't you lose all that makes you you / You will be scared, unprepared sometimes," she sings both to herself and anyone who needs a little sage advice. "Say goodbye, I changed my mind / All my fears, let them be gone / All inside of you."

There are a few cuts from Overgrown that we also hope get the video treatment. We aren't mad that Joyce Wrice chose this one, however, because it shows just why she's one of the newer artists to really make an impact.

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