JMSN Goes It Alone In ‘Rolling Stone’

JMSN tries on different concepts all the time. But, if nothing else, his aesthetic is always identifiable when it comes to his visuals. Everything about his music video work seems like it's set in a time warp where it's still the late '70s/early '80s — from the camera work and camera effects to his choice in wardrobe. He keeps that same energy with the clip for his recent single "Rolling Stone."

The artist goes solo for the clip, pulling the focus to him and the song's reflective lyrics. Still, the clip doesn't feel lonely and claustrophobic, perhaps because he superimposes images of himself throughout as he performs the track. That includes footage of him smoking his now-signature cigs while donning monochromatic outfits. He also rocks different looks hair-wise as well. When the clip opens, we view him with a buzzcut. Elsewhere, however, he's sporting slicked-back red locks as he delivers the song's many guitar solos. JMSN delivering this vision by his lonesome reflects the isolation of the song's lyrics while giving us all the JMSN that we can handle.

With his upcoming album Heals Me set for release later this year and a tour scheduled for the fall, we have a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot more of JMSN in the coming months. You can also see him when you get into the visual for "Rolling Stone" below.