Rochelle Jordan Gives Us ’90s Vibes & Modern Attitude In ‘Already’

Remember the period in the '90s where the formula for making a dance video was a pretty simple one? All you needed was an artist, a white background, clever editing and, of course, some slick moves. If you're too young to recall, Rochelle Jordan gives us a masterclass in the aesthetic in the simple yet very effective video for her Play With The Changes single "Already."

"Already," a standout track from the album, finds Rochelle ready to move on after a fella finally decides to get some act right at the last minute. The kiss-off is a moody little jam and the singer captures its feel in the Baz-directed clip. The clip only features her vamping and moving against a white backdrop in sharp fits and styles as she states her case. That's all one really needs in the case of the charismatic Ms. Jordan, but she adds interest thanks to the inclusion of edits and lighting tricks that break up the video in cool, unpredictable ways. ROJO sells it all with an attitude and sass that only she possesses that is sure to keep you watching (also be sure to get into her rap verse at the midway point).

Rochelle Jordan has us enamored with her latest album. If she keeps up putting out nostalgic videos like this one, she might just make us fall in love all over again. Get in step with Rochelle when you check out "Already" below.

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