TeaMarrr & DUCKWRTH Get Real ‘Specific’ About Their Desires

Hey fam, can we be frank? Sometimes you have to tell people exactly what you want and that's especially true in bedroom matters. How else is your partner supposed to know if what they're doing is hitting the spot? If you need some instruction on how to do that, look no further than the free advice that TeaMarrr and DUCKWRTH are dishing out on her new single "Specific."

The artists pull no punches and speak in no uncertain terms on the song as they lay out exactly what they want and how they want it when it comes to sex. Over a hypnotic mid-tempo groove that's heavy on the hi-hat and innuendo the twosome gets a little raunchy as they make their demands known. "Tell me what you want, baby / Tell me what you want / I need you to be specific, baby / Need you to get prolific, baby," TeaMarrr sings on the chorus. Elsewhere, she's requesting that he "chase that p***y like a dog / beat it like a bully in the bathroom stall." Don't worry about DUCKWRTH's ability to live up to her expectations, though, as he lets it be known that he's got power in his jaws and something for her in his draws, if you catch our drift. While this song might make the bashful blush, it's definitely a freaknasty jam that we can get behind.

"Specific" is the first listen from TeaMarrr's next upcoming project — which is set to arrive sometime this year. You can stream the track below via Spotify and then peep the cute chemistry between TeaMarrr and DUCKWRTH in the song's lyric video.

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