Hope Tala Is Ready To Go ‘MAD’

Hope Tala impressed us with her EP Girls Eat Sun last November, which contained absolute jams like "All My Girls Like To Fight" and "Cherries." Her sound, which melds R&B with a bossa nova sensibility, is quite unique in today's landscape and her lyrical content is also quite refreshing. That's why we're excited that she's seemingly bringing even more of her art to the world, starting with her new single "MAD."

"MAD" is probably a song we can all relate to having just come out of more than a year of quarantine. Hope channels that experience to explore how maddening being a long-distance relationship can be. More specifically, she goes in depth about feeling her lover slip away. "Staring out the window, crying / Waiting for you to come back / Climbing up the trees where I've been, closing my eyes to relax / I’m singing for solace, you're falling out of my pocket," she delivers over lilting guitar backed by a percolating drum arrangement. Those feelings are also relayed in the song's video, which has gorgeously artistic visuals in line with her previous offerings.

"I wrote 'MAD' about having feelings of frustration and hysteria in a long-distance relationship," hope said in a press release. "It's about being unable to communicate properly and feeling lost in loneliness—so it’s ironic that I wrote most of the song a week or two before the first lockdown started in the UK. Foreshadowing, almost."

Will Hope Tala be releasing a new project soon? All signs seem to be pointing that way. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. While we wait for her to say so, you can check out her latest offering below.

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