Jon Vinyl Wants To Kiss & Make Up On ‘Told You’

Singer-songwriter Jon Vinyl returns with his first release of the new year, and it is well worth the wait. “Told You” exudes early-'90s R&B goodness, back when vulnerability was in vogue and showcasing sensitivity was ‎sexy. ‎Jon tackles the moment in a relationship when everything just seems off. We can all relate to the time when not only is it a struggle to see eye to eye with your partner, but the energy between the two of you doesn’t feel quite right.

He drew inspiration for the Kevin Efoko, Shanks and Ty Leon-produced track from a tumultuous phase in his own relationship saying, ‎“The ideation of ‘Told You’ sparked during a tough break up.” He explains, “My significant other and I‎ weren’t on the best terms, ultimately leading to a huge lack of communication in our relationship. Feeling quite helpless, I turned to what I know - the pen and paper - to create this song which encapsulates all the things I was having trouble expressing to her back then.” For the accompanying Alimzhan Sabir-directed visual, we watch as he and his lady struggle to find their way back to happier times. By the end, we find ourselves rooting for them, hoping their rough patch is temporary and all is not truly lost.  ‎

Watch Jon Vinyl’s “Told You” below, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. Keep an eye out for more from his upcoming project, which is slated to drop later this year.

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