Rayana Jay’s Yearning Is Just ‘Unfair’

Fresh off her contribution to DUCKWRTH’s suggestive single "Birthday Suit," singer-songwriter Rayana Jay continues along this racy wave with “Unfair.” True to form, the Bay Area-bred songstress gets right to it as she declares all of her lustful intentions over the sultry Waseel and Ru AREYOU-produced track. In her signature, seductive tone she sings, “You make me undone / I really want some / I wanna get reckless / Wear your hands like a necklace, woah.” Woah is right, and coming off mandatory lockdown, we can certainly relate to this type of energy.

Rayana Jay has made quite a name for herself with her raw and relatable ‎storytelling, creating her own space among her peers. Her 2019 EP Love Like Me remains in heavy rotation, and she continues to showcase her talent through her solo efforts and alongside the likes of G-Easy and Braxton Cook. She adds a bit of color to every collaboration and one needn’t dig too deep into her social media to note her unapologetic creativity. Her comfort in her own skin is contagious and our days are always a bit brighter when treated to new music or just a peek into her vibrant and carefree world.

Run Rayana Jay’s “Unfair” below, and be sure to add the track to your adult time playlist from your preferred digital platform. While there’s no word on whether this latest release is part of a rollout for a new EP, we put nothing past this always unpredictable artist and are hopeful for more additions for our sexy summertime soundtrack.

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