Alina Baraz Just Wants To Be ‘Alone With You’

We got a proper showcase of Alina Baraz and her icy, cool take on R&B when she released her long-anticipated debut album It Was Divine. Since the whole pandemic thing kind of short-changed Alina's ability to truly promote the record, however, we wouldn't be mad if the singer gave us another project at all. Perhaps she sensed this, as she's back with the brand-new single "Alone With You."

Alina's voice is once again surrounded by the icy synths thanks to producer Spencer Stewart. The coolness that the production provides brushes against the warmth of her vocals quite nicely, creating an intimate tension that spills into the song's lyrics. "Something 'bout the look on your face / Says you're feelin' a way, baby, I feel it, too," she coos. "You don't gotta tell me about it / We could dance around it, we could rendezvous / Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the season / We should get up out of this room." A few simple production tricks and hi-hats that climb and then creep back down like the ticking of a clock make the song complete and the perfect one to soundtrack a session between you and your bae. Then the mood suddenly shifts near the end, warming up drastically as the singer offers breathy vocals before it all fades into a haze.

"Alone With You" definitely has us open (we've pressed play a few times on this one), and we can't wait to hear more of what Alina Baraz has in store. Succumb to her temptation when you press play.

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