Kiana Ledé & Kehlani Want ‘Ur Best Friend’ More

Who knew we needed a sneaky link anthem for Summer 2021? Apparently, Kiana Ledé and Kehlani did, and the ladies have cooked up just that on their collaborative new single “Ur Best Friend.” Kiana shared on Instagram last week that working with Kehlani was a dream come true. “My dream collab is coming to life, and if you know me, you know how special this is for me,” she wrote on social media stoking anticipation for the song and the ladies come through with a track perfect for your post-pandemic tipping.

On “Ur Best Friend,” Kiana and Kehlani step out on their partners with no shame or guilt. Their only regret is that their side piece isn’t their main piece. “I was with my man last night / And I just realized what I felt that night wasn’t wrong / Thought about you in the whole car ride, like / I hate that you ain’t your best friend,” Ledé sings on the scandalous chorus. It’s all very messy, but Kiana and Kehlani make all this mess sound pretty damn good. The song sounds like a real collaboration and not just one artist jumping on someone’s track with a guest verse, with their voices resonating in harmony over the seductive mid-tempo beat.

If this song wasn’t hot enough on its own, it looks like Kiana and Kehlani are teaming up for an equally steamy video for the salacious tune. To tide us over until that’s ready for prime time, Ledé has shared a simple lyric video. The lyrics float across the screen against a background of purple fluorescent mushrooms. We're not sure of the significance of the mushrooms, but maybe all will be revealed in the official video.

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