Lady Wray Is Over The ‘Games People Play’

Whenever Lady Wray decides to offer up new music, you'd better believe we'll be all ears. The songstress — who we last heard from when she released her single "Piece Of Me" — is back again to give us another listen to her classic soul stylings with her latest release "Games People Play."

The soulful sounds she's giving this time around are helped by the contributions of producer Leon Michaels, who creates a sound bed consisting of piano, drums and horns that sounds like it was made in the '60s. Lady Wray uses it as a means to dish on the games that come when the love isn't really right but you stay anyway. The verse is full of regret as the singer questions her actions in the past. However, instead of moping, she decides to take heed of the lessons learned. "This the silly s**t you do when you're young / This the crazy things you do just for fun / Never meant to last / It's games people play / If it's meant to last / It will come another day," she sings on the chorus. After she has her say, she allows the song to ride out to the sound of horns before coming to a close.

We would love to be getting a full-length Lady Wray album soon (or even an EP), but it seems that the singer prefers to drop a single here and there these days. We're not complaining, though, because a little of the singer's output can go a very long way. Get into her latest release when you press play.

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