NAO Finds Undeniable Beauty In ‘Messy Love’

NAO wowed us a month ago with the release of her recent single "Messy Love." The song, about setting her boundaries when it comes to romances that don't measure up to her standards, is both a mellow mood and a fierce statement rolled into one. When it comes to the song's visual, the singer also makes a stunning artistic statement.

She turns to Lisette Donkersloot to direct and choreographer Shay Latukolan to get her vision together. They gave her a dreamily colored set with a glowing red sun and blue skies behind her. NAO, meanwhile stands dressed in a flowing red gown and surrounded by dancers painted blue with contrasting red wigs. They dance around her in contemporary movements that complement the song's rhythm and lyrics. Eventually that glowing sun paints everything in a glowing light, prompting a costume change into a lemon-colored yellow number that shows an evolution complete with fluttering butterflies and a baobab tree.

NAO has already announced that she's wrapped her upcoming album, though she's been light on details like the project's title and release date. Guess we'll have to wait on those a little while longer. In the meantime, you can get into the beauty of it all when you watch the video for "Messy Love" when you press play.

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