Sidibe & Devin Morrison Are Open To Possibility On ‘Ready Enough’

If there's one current artist who knows how to set a romantic mood, it's Sidibe. She's had us open ever since we first heard her voice, and she's continued that throughout this year with the sensual "Breathwork" and the sweet "Fallin' 4 U." Now the singer teams with fellow artist Devin Morrison to bring us her newest release "Ready Enough."

Sidibe dives into Devin's realm for the track, with the song taking on the feel of '90s quiet storm R&B. That means plenty of synths and drum machines are in full effect as they create the perfect lover's groove to cruise along to. Sidibe plays the role of a woman who's finally ready to embrace and acknowledge the love for herself that's already taken over her. "Everything that I've been looking for / Is waiting for a chance to be / I'm ready enough / I'm already in love," she sings on the chorus. Devin, meanwhile, is content to play the background on the song, adding subtle harmonies to the verses and joining Sidibe on the chorus to add a rich counterpart to her own airy vocal. It's a musical match that flows together effortlessly.

Though she hasn't confirmed anything yet, Sidibe is obviously cooking something special up and we are impatiently waiting. Thankfully, we can stream "Ready Enough" and watch the song's lyric video until she's ready to make her big announcement.

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