The Shindellas Keep It 100 On ‘When You’re Lonely’

What do you do when you need more love than lust? Well, if you're The Shindellas, you don't settle for less. The exceptionally talented trio breaks it down on their latest single “When You’re Lonely” and offers melodically sweet, but blunt, instructions for moving on.

The Shindellas come in where Jazmine Sullivan’s “Pick Up Your Feelings” leaves off. The ladies have had enough of a stagnant relationship and give some must-follow instructions for kicking someone to the curb. First, acknowledge what’s going on. “We only talk / When you get that feeling / You want it all / Same old story,” they sing in perfect harmony, unlike what's happening in this situation. Second, accept that feelings have changed. “But your words don’t move me the same / No it takes more to make / My love come down / Like a rainstorm,” they admit, acknowledging that things ain't the same. Third, and arguably the most important, stop entertaining the foolishness. “I can’t take too much playing on my phone / So say what it is and just leave me alone,” they admonish, tired of the shenanigans. In most cases, your ex-lover will probably resist because they know they lost a real one. But The Shindellas aren't having it, and they stand firm while singing, “Thought I told you don’t call my phone / Late at night when you’re all alone / Back up off me, the love is gone,” on the bridge.

On "When You're Lonely," The Shindellas are giving us The Emotions meets En Vogue vocal vibes. Yes, they sound that good. Following "Money" and "Volcano Love," these songbirds are snatching all mics and wigs in their path leading up to the release of their debut album. While we anxiously await more information on their forthcoming collection, Hits That Stick Like Grits, get into the latest from The Shindellas and take heed to what they say.

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