BeMyFiasco Finds Out Love Can Sometimes Be A ‘Bad Dream’

BeMyFiasco is coming on strong and coming correct. The singer and recent addition to the +FE Music family got us open with her sweet summer jam "Caramel." That cut had us ready to put on our roller skates and groove along. Her latest single "Bad Dream" also has a bouncy quality to it, but it also shows just how well she can deliver a kiss-off track.

"Bad Dream" finds BeMyFiasco reeling from a love that's left a bad taste in her mouth. As the staccato synths hit against the steady rhythm of programmed drums, she relays the story of how her sweet dream turned into a beautiful nightmare. The situation seems ideal at first, but then she realizes that she doesn't even know the guy who she was with. "Was it all a bad dream? / You and me together / Thought it was forever / But it's not," she sings on the chorus. "Was it all a bad dream? / I couldn't say / But I know I gave it all I got." The Texas native goes on to show off her versatility by spittin' some bars that incorporate hometown landmarks like Big T Bazaar and Rudy's Chicken (Dallas stand up!) while telling this sorry excuse for a lover exactly where he can go.

We love someone who can switch up vibes effortlessly, and it seems BeMyFiasco is just the girl to do it. Get into "Bad Dream" when you press play below, and be sure to give the singer a few spins on your favorite streaming service as well.

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