Brandy Shows Us The Princess Within In ‘Starting Now’

Brandy has always been a princess of sorts. She even made it official when she played the lead role in Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. So it's only fitting that she supplied "Starting Now," the theme for Disney's year-long Ultimate Princess Celebration. Three months after the song's arrival, Brandy is now giving us the inspirational visuals for the single as well.

The clip begins with Brandy, dressed in yards of tulle befitting a princess, as she looks into the water and sees the girl she used to be in her "I Wanna Be Down" days and the woman she's become. We then see her traipse around a garden full of flowers and lights as we get glimpses of young people taking heed of the song's lyrics and discovering themselves and their purpose. Eventually, the young people grow up into adult versions of themselves, showing us that all dreams can come true with a bit of hard work and belief in your abilities. Brandy caps off the video with a dance number featuring her fellow princesses as they twirl and move with and around the singer before she gets the last moment on camera.

We love anything meant to inspire the next generation to live their dreams, so we're totally here for this. We also love all things Brandy, and it seems the singer just keeps staying booked and busy these days. Watch her latest move when you press play.