DUCKWRTH Drops A Relaxing Summer Jam With ‘4K’

DUCKWRTH has had us jamming since all through the pandemic thanks to his album SuperGood and his subsequent singles in the lead-up to his upcoming EP SG8*. So far, he's given us party starter "Birthday Suit" and slow jam "make u go" from the EP. He switches gears once again with the set's latest single, "4K."

"4K" is a relaxing mid-tempo cut that finds DUCKWRTH contemplating a getaway with his bae. The beat knocks with just enough kick and drums to make heads nod while adding some hazy strings and horns into the mix to make the groove complete. The singer/rapper, meanwhile, gets down to it from the opening verse. "Life is a beach and my baby just bought me some sandals," he rhymes. "Stressin' away, nothin' new, nothin' I cannot handle / Present me them cheeks and I'll grip it like back with them handles." He's helped along with a chorus from Soulection's Phabo (who also recently released his album Soulquarius in July). "Who do it better / Who get you wet, Who get you wet / Who get you wetter?" he sings. As to why the song is called "4K," DUCKWRTH teases throughout the song about capturing this romantic rendezvous on camera in 4K quality.

To further clarify what inspired the track, DUCKWRTH said in a statement, "Right when outside started opening up and everyone started flocking to Tulum and Hawaii...that’s what '4K' is about. Trying to adjust and acclimate while still having fun. It’s the paradox of the recurring line, 'Was your pandemic popping?' '4K' is a movie, and that’s what the pandemic turned into when we were let loose."

However he spins it, "4K" is definitely another jam to add to his recent collection and has us excited for when SG8* arrives on September 3rd.

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