Jenevieve Bemoans Being On Her Former Flame’s Romantic ‘Résumé’

Songstress Jenevieve has been fairly prolific as of late, dropping several singles in past months — including her most recent single "Eternal." It looks like she's keeping that momentum going with her latest cut "Résumé" and a colorful video to go along with it.

Though "Résumé" has such a professional title, the track is actually about matters of the heart. Specifically, Jenevieve is caught up in heartbreak and is working her way through it. She turns once again to producer Jean Benz to help provide the soundtrack to her melancholy melody. She gives her a groove heavy on the drums and synth chords that sits firmly in mid-tempo territory and allows her to get her feelings out. Jenevieve sings about a relationship that's fizzled despite her best efforts, leaving her to bemoan her sad state. "I wanna talk to you but there's no more to say," she sings on the chorus. "I try to hide it but it follows every day / No matter what I do I'm on your resume."

The song's video doesn't give us a narrative. It does, however, give us the 22-year-old serving looks. She shows off her tomboyish style in baggy pants and oversized shirts and other outfits that remind us of the street but chic style of artists like AaliyahSZA and Ella Mai. Meanwhile, camera effects with kaleidoscopic and fish-eye lenses give the clip a unique look that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Jenevieve has the potential to be the next R&B It girl. Of course, only time will be able to tell if that actually comes true. While you ponder that prophecy, check out a stream of "Résumé" and its video below.

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