Yebba Exacts Her Revenge In ‘Boomerang’

Yebba is showing no signs of stopping as she prepares us for the release of her debut Dawn. She's dropped a few singles from the soon-to-arrive set that have had us anxious to hear what else is coming. She's also offered up stunning and interesting visuals from the set. She keeps up this tradition with the release of the visual for moody single "Boomerang."

"Boomerang" is all about revenge, with the songstress wishing the dirty deeds of her man come back on him with a karmic fierceness. The visual for the track picks up on this as we pan over an arid patch of land to see a disheveled man walking through fields of dry grass. In the distance, we also get a glimpse of Yebba watching his journey as she smirks. Soon the man is dodging all sorts of obstacles, including being pulled backward by an unseen force. He rightfully runs for his life at that point, but it's too little too late for him. Eventually, he's thrown back again but this time the ground swallows him as he lands, leaving him trapped and suffering.

After viewing this one, we'd suggest you steer clear of Yebba's bad side. In fact, you might want to pre-order Dawn before its September 10th release to be sure that you're in her good graces. Oh, and watch the video for "Boomerang" right here for good measure.