Yebba & Smino Cruise Down Her Memory Lane In ‘Louie Bag’

One of the things we absolutely love about Yebba is her ability to draw from her past and use it to inform her emotional and heartfelt vocal performances. Her recent single "Louie Bag," which finds her reflecting on the time she spent dealing with the death of her mother amid constant industry pressures, is a prime example of this. With the release of the song's video, she also shows that she's especially adept at doing this in a visual form as well.

"Louie Bag" shows the singer taking a trip down memory lane almost literally. We see Yebba cruising down streets in her drop-top Benz as music plays. But it's not just the song's minor key feel that's giving us feels. Yebba also offers us a peek into her childhood with a compilation of home videos that play throughout the clip, with some even featuring her late mother's voice. These brief snippets add even more emotional heft to the song (which is saying something considering the heaviness of the lyrics). When Smino hops in the ride for his verse, though, watching he and Yebba drive as the wind whips throw their hair also gives the clip a sense of freedom that lifts the song's mood a little.

We're here for seeing Yebba further express herself in the visual medium and can't wait to see what else she'll bring when she releases her debut Dawn on September 10th.

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