Children Of Zeus Seek ‘Balance’ In Love On ‘I Need You’

Since the release of their much-anticipated sophomore album Balance earlier this summer, Tyler Daley and Konny Don, collectively known as Children Of Zeus, have continued to give their adoring and worldwide fan base exactly what we want. Their latest gift comes in the form of a video to accompany the current single "I Need You,"  just one of the many standout tracks from the album. Over the COZ-produced groove, both Tyler and Konny tell the tale of abandoning pride to show their devotion to the love of their lives.

For the Gina Sow-directed visual, we watch as a couple navigates through the throws of their relationship. Set among the picturesque landscape of Cape Town, South Africa, the video begins with the couple alone in the desolate desert. Soon we’re transported to scenes of the two of them cuddled up in their cozy apartment, enjoying the simplicity of sharing each other's space. While things take an abrupt turn, they talk through it all during a scenic drive along the Mother City’s scenic coast, and before the sun sets, they are back in each other’s arms.

Get into Children Of Zeus’ “I Need You” audio and video, and, if you somehow haven’t already, add the full Balance project to your collection from your preferred digital platform. Show your love for the Manchester duo by purchasing their music on Bandcamp. SoulBouncers in the UK will be treated to 11 shows as part of their Balance Tour, which kicks off in Glasgow next month. Meanwhile, their devoted following across the pond continue to pray that the coronavirus and all its variants will swiftly make their exit so that we may enjoy them live as well.

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