Lion Babe & OSHUN Remind Us To Keep On Movin’ In ‘It’s Okay’

Lion Babe keeps the visual rollout for their recent album Rainbow Child going. Up until now, we've received five visuals from the nine-track set with the promise of more to come. The NYC-based duo continues to make good on that promise by dropping off their latest video "It's Okay," which features an assist from fellow duo OSHUN.

Keeping with the colorful theme of all the clips, the video takes us to New York's SeaGlass Carousel at The Battery, an aquarium-themed experience that offers a multi-hued experience. The artists dress in pastel hues and extravagant fashions as they perform the reassuring track. The setting fits the coaxing feel of the song, which reassures someone who might've fallen off their path or taken a hit along the way that things will be alright. "Only way is forward, there's no way to get back / Only feelin’ sorry when you live in the past," the group's vocalist Jillian Hervey sings at one point. "Waitin' on something, bringin' you nothing / Waitin' in line for a dream." The ladies of OSHUN, meanwhile, also offer words of comfort and motivation, emphasizing that, "You might doubt yourself / But you gon' do it anyway."

With only three songs left from the set that don't have an accompanying video, it's only a matter of time before Lion Babe gives us a full visual album. We definitely can't wait to see what they'll bring next.

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