Nicholas Ryan Gant Wants To ‘Heal The Land’

It's been five long years since we got a solo effort from Nicholas Ryan Gant. Though he's made his presence felt in the interim with collaborations and even a Christmas EP, we've been jonesin' for a new project from the talented vocalist. Thankfully he heard our cry, as he's been hard at work on his new project Restore and plans to drop it in the near future. Before he does, though, he's hitting us off with the set's lead single "Heal The Land."

Nicholas looks to the creator as he prays for the world to be healed. With a production assist from Mikey Freedom Hart, who gives him a calm and meditative musical backdrop, the singer gives a message from God as he blesses us with his voice. "I'll heal the land if you change your direction / And try to find my way, I will," he sings. Later sharing, "Pray, and humble yourself / If you know I called you by your name, I will."

He brings the single to life in the song's visual, taking us to beautiful Puerto Rico as he communes with nature. The video begins with his spoken word track "The Earth Prelude," on which he speaks about the earth, nature and the abundance that we have been blessed with on this planet. We then see him basking in the sun by the island's crystal blue waters and walking through the rain forests. With the camera lovingly taking in the sights, it's enough to make us appreciative of the natural beauty we get to witness every day.

Nicholas Ryan Gant hasn't offered a release date for Restore as of yet, but we hope it'll arrive soon. Until we know more, listen to "Heal The Land" below, and then check out out the song's tranquil music video.

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