Lady Wray Gives Us Her Everything With ‘Under The Sun’

Summer has come and gone, and the slight crispness of autumn is felt in the air. But that doesn't mean that we have to forget how great it feels to bask in the sun's glow. Lady Wray is here to remind of us of this fact with the release of her newest single "Under The Sun" and the track's colorful and fun music video.

"Under The Sun" is a mellow ditty about maxing, relaxing and finding joy in life while taking in the sun's rays. It kicks off with jazzy guitar as Lady Wray expresses what she needs in this life. "I wanna be free / Under the sun / Life for me has just begun," she sings. "The sun is out / The wind is free / Three little birds keep singing to me." As she paints this picture, more vocal layers and horns are added to the mix to keep the jazzy feel going.

The music video picks up on this vibe while giving us colorful visuals of the singer. We see her in multiple outfits and scenes as she luxuriates in the sun's energy. Whether she's sunbathing, chilling in a psychedelic forest or cruising with the top down in a convertible full of friends, she makes us feel like joining her in the good times and good vibes.

"Under The Sun" will feature on Lady Wray's upcoming album Piece Of Me, which is scheduled for release on January 28, 2022. The set will feature her previously released singles over the past couple years, including "Games People Play" and the set's title track. As you mark your calendars for the release, get into her latest offering below.

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