Adam Ness & Durand Bernarr Get As Comfy As ‘Houzkatz’

The weather is getting a little colder and thoughts of snuggling up with someone who keeps you warm are starting to creep into our heads. Singer Adam Ness might just have the perfect soundtrack for getting cozy. The artist, who releases his album Sagittarius Vol. 2 this Friday, proves that cold nights can be quite steamy by teaming with Durand Bernarr for the slinky single "Houzkatz."

Though the title might suggest a dance floor burner, "Houzkatz" is actually the exact opposite. It starts with a syrupy groove that pours out the track nice and slow. As the rhythm flows, the listener immediately gets the song's gist as Adam begins to sing about the benefits of staying in for some one-on-one type action. "I wanna cuddle with my buddy / Cook for him 'cause he really love me / Now let's get lit in a new way," he coos. The song continues to meander its way around, shirking a typical song structure for a relaxed vibe, before Durand joins in on the fun for his verse while echoing some of Adam's sentiments. The pair's vocal chemistry is ridiculous here, as they meld together so well that you almost can't tell when one ends and the other begins as they harmonize to an ecstatic close.

If "Houzkatz" is any indication, then Sagittarius Vol. 2 is going to be a must-listen. Get into the vocal chemistry between Adam Ness and Durand Bernarr when you listen to the single below. And to see how you can catch Adam at his listening party in Chicago and also pre-save his upcoming album, all you have to do is click here.

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