Amber Mark Shows Us How She Wants To Be Loved With ‘Softly’

Amber Mark is finally on the road to releasing her debut album, Three Dimensions Deep, and we couldn't be happier. The set won't be here until late January, however. Good thing that Miss Mark has been dropping singles like breadcrumbs to keep us in her groove. The latest to join the number, which includes recent cuts "What It Is" and "Foreign Things," is her sensual jam "Softly."

Produced by Julian Bunetta and Amber herself, "Softly" taps into a tropical house feel with arpeggiated strings set against syncopated percussion for a steamy vibe. It's good that she does, as she uses the track to get sexy on us as she describes exactly how she wants to be loved. Never one to shy away from speaking her mind, she gets pretty direct here. "Tell me, what's your plan here? / Whisper in my ear / Touch me right there / So soft like cashmere," she sings at one point. "Know you want it bad / But you gotta work for that, it's true / 'Cause, baby, it ain't really up to you." She then uses the chorus to give further instruction, urging that if he treats her right, he just might gain the access he's looking for.

She takes the idea of softness further in the song's video. We see the beauty looking heavenly among fluffy, furry textures in unexpected colors and unexpected places. She doesn't give us any choreography to the track (which would've been an added bonus here), but she does give us looks in a way that would probably rival most supermodels' portfolios.

With such a captivating song and visual, it's hard not to follow her commands. Rub Amber Mark the right way by taking a listen to "Softly" right here and then hopping below to watch the song's video.

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