Mack Keane & ESTA. ‘Open Up’ On A Late Night Ride

Mack Keane and ESTA. have proven themselves a formidable combination thanks to their single "Open Up." The song finds the singer making a plea for his lady to be more vulnerable in their dealings over the moody synth groove crafted with care by ESTA. For their next act, the twosome drop moody visuals for the track to match its feel.

The video for "Open Up" is a dimly lit affair, with the fellas moving through the late-night streets as they get in their feels. When the fellas aren't in the car, they're emoting in front of a gas station or drowning their sorrows in drink  while Mack sings about his romantic problem. Eventually they end up at their destination and open the door to a blindng white light, the meaning of which is left up to interpretation. Could the light mean that Mack Keane and ESTA. are stepping into a new chapter? Or could it be symbolic of their lover finally opening up her heart?

The duo has already promised that more fruit will come to bear from their collaboration. With a song as good as "Open Up" and a stylish visual under their belt, we can't wait to see what else they have in store. Keep the guys getting into their feelings when you press play below.

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