Marie Dahlstrøm Shares Her Musical ‘Safe Place’

Songstress Marie Dahlstrøm has been serenading us for nearly a decade, and we're always here for it whenever she does. More recently, she presented us with tracks "Need You, Pt. 1" and "Need You, Pt. 2" from EP Safe Place. Now she's released the full EP for us to hear, including dropping the set's title track as the latest single from the set.

The song is a contemplation about the strange times we've been going through and the importance of having someone to go to in times like these. With a groove that's reminiscent of early Frank Ocean, she paints a picture of what her person does for her and why that means everything to her. On the verses, she sings of focusing on the journey even though the well-placed plans you might have seem to unravel, but the chorus is what ties it all together. "If you don't know you’re my safe place / You're the reason that I’m certain / You're the best thing that could happen," she sings. "Oh you keep me so connected / Through it all you know you’re worth it / By your side you keep me going."

The sentiment of "Safe Place" is echoed throughout the EP of the same name. Both parts of the aforementioned "Need You" speak to appreciating those that help you along the way. Meanwhile, "He Is" pays tribute to her newborn son while "TwentyTwenty" acts as a type of diary for last year as she documents the many changes she's gone through in the past year. All in all, the EP is a sort of testament to making it through the tough times with the help of the ones you love.

Marie Dahlstrøm Safe Place [Amazon][Apple Music]

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