Peep The ‘New AmErykah’ Commercial

It's a new day and there's a new promo spot for Erykah Badu's New AmErykah. This particular video is actually a commercial for the album. Given the dramatic artwork I don't think that we'll be seeing this during any primetime network programming, but maybe they'll show this in between late-night informercials. Has anyone actually seen this one during their television watching yet?

  • ill Mami

    Anyone know anything about how to order the USB flash sticks yet?

  • PurpleZoe

    Seriously impressive.
    I'm diggin the reality in it. This album might make a real impact on the awareness of folks who don't know how to put what they sense in the world into words.

  • Jennifer

    Universal's supposedly releasing only 2000 USB sticks...they havn't specifically said which stores will carry them:(

  • Nate

    I actually have seen this commercial during primetime on BET, MTV and VH1 Soul. I was amazed when I saw it. The version I saw was a little bit different (the song clips started at the very beginning, most of it was Honey), but it had the same setup.
    I can't wait for this album! I'm curious about the USB sticks, too.