VIDEO: Alicia Keys & Lenny Kravitz Perform in Paris

I'd like to preface this by saying one thing: Alicia Keys is talented. There, I acknowledged it. Now no one can accuse me of "hating" when I say the left side of this video is ten times more interesting than the right side. Lenny Kravitz joined Alicia on stage in Paris recently and they performed "Always On the Run" from his Mama Said album. The energy and style Lenny gives is classic; Alicia, on the other hand, looks the same way I did at the age of nine "playing" my Casio. Eventually she would grab the mic and begin screaming in Lenny's face to round out the performance. Good job!


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  • Kit

    Thanks, I love it.
    (ps: isn't it happened during the recent European Alicia's tour though?)

  • Yup, the "As I Am" tour.

  • Jeff

    Are you getting weak on Alicia? 🙂 Please don't, this is like one of the few websites that have really called Alicia for what she is, over hyped.

  • Mr. Lowe

    I don't understand why everyone is all of a sudden hatin' on Alicia. She is one of the few mainstream talentS we have. STOP HATIN' AND START APPRECIATING'.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this chick is overpraised.

  • @ Mr. Lowe: I'm sure we'd alllll appreciate more if Ms. Keys put out an album that was worthy of her hype. Just. hasn't. happened. yet.
    But please believe we'll stay tuned, in case it does. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Lenny is so delicioso. I'd drink him anytime:)

  • I just had to stop in and send Nova to the corner for that Casio comment. Whew lawd that was my laugh for the day! I think you and I both sounded better though.

  • I have to agree that while I think Alicia is talented she has yet to put out material that lives up to the hype. I'm still waiting for her to give me that same feeling she did with "The Little Drummer Girl" on Jermaine Dupri's 12 Soulful Nights of Christmas. I still remember her singing that song on BET way before Songs in A Minor.

  • Sharonda

    I don't think it's called hating, it's call difference of opinions either like it or not.Alicia is aight, but is hype though.

  • A-Girl

    Lenny is delicious!!! Yum! I like Alicia too that's my girl! But it's something about that Lenny!!!

  • JWest

    Amen! Ms. Keys gets bores me to tears. The girl is talented and has a good voice but she's like Soul Lite to me, not the real thing.