Atlantic Records Wants Estelle To Upgrade Herself?


Word is that Atlantic Records isn't happy with Estelle's look and wants her to upgrade her appearance to appeal to US audiences. Apparently the label brass requested that she get her teeth fixed and ditch her short hairstyle for something more feminine. At this rate, could suggestions of skin bleaching and a nose job be too far behind?

Now as someone who has benefited from the magic of orthodontia, I'm all for people getting their dental situation straightened out, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around what's wrong with Estelle's cute 'do. Isn't short hair all the rage right now thanks to Rihanna? Furthermore, I've heard Estelle describe the concept behind her hairstyle as "Audrey Pepa," mixing the classic styling of Audrey Hepburn on one side with the hot, cool and vicious look of vintage Salt-N-Pepa on the other side. How many people do you know have themed hair? But apparently a lacefront wig hanging down to her butt would be a better look.

Shame on Atlantic if this is true, but I can't say that I'm surprised. I've argued numerous times that legendary soul sisters like Stephanie Mills, Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin would be hard pressed to get a record deal today because they don't fit the Cassie-Ashanti-Pussycat Doll mold although those aforementioned artists can sing circles, squares and triangles around the latter. Talent has sadly taken a back seat to imaging and packaging. And call me crazy if I don't see a problem with Estelle's image and package. She's different and the recording industry needs a healthy dose of that right now.

US label wants Estelle to fix teeth? [DS]

  • stoneyisland

    Estelle dont change a God damn thing! thats what wrong with the world now, dont let the industry change who you are. No amount of surgery is gonna make you sell more albums, ask Lil Kim, ask Michael J. Hell if Shabba Rank ugly ass can sell a million records then a cute sista like yourself should sell 2 million. You are as God created you............

  • Danielle

    Ridiculous! These record companies are a piece of work.

  • Fave

    The Shabba Ranks theory? CASE + POINT!!! LOL Yeah, homegirl needs 2 keep making quality music...that's what sells.

  • camille

    I like Estelle, ESPECIALLY her teeth! She is like a skinny Missy Elliott. While her music isnt really changing my life, she seems like a fantastic person with fabulous style and I wish her all the success she can snatch up, but honestly I hope that she can get her side-hustle game together since the music industry is cruel cruel cruel to a lil black gul.

  • DJStylus

    The Shabba Ranks theory is flawed.
    There's a double standard in this business based on gender.
    Women get the short end of the stick.
    How many female rappers could have reached B.I.G.'s level of success if they were "heartthrob never, black and ugly as ever?" Even if they were as skilled as he?
    We can all agree that Estelle is exciting though. And indeed quite the cutie pie.

  • S. Flemming

    You are right ... I just think back to how mean comedians were to Stephanie Mills back in the day. She wouldn't stand a chance these days. I like Estelle's style, personally. I think she's fly.

  • blknitenmd

    She's English isn't she allowed a jacked fache'..just saying

  • BrownSugar283

    She shouldn't have to change a thing. She is beautiful the way she is.

  • ill Mami

    @ Stylus:
    Good point about unattractive female MC's (by industry standards) not reaching the peak of men who are equally not ripped or had lipo done (LL, 50 Cent). Bahamadia was such a dope MC and then *poof* she was gone.

  • rkj

    New veneers and a lacefront won't help Estelle's music.

  • DJStylus

    Bahamadia's too busy rocking shows for thousands of fans around the planet to care about what the stupid industry thinks of her.

  • jojodancer

    I think she's beautiful and her hair is what's in. In a minute they'll be asking her to bleach her skin and get breast implants.

  • sfsinger

    I wondered if this was a publicity stunt to drum up some controversy before her release. They knew what she looked like when they signed her. Also she has already changed her look/upgraded. If you look at the video for 1980 from her indie release she had a very British look and is more polished with the frilly dresses and high heels. I love her look personally because she doesn't look like anyone else and has very 'African' features. Besides she's still skinny.

  • Sharonda

    We seen worse, but I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with her.If she changes I think everything will stay the same.Her music still fly though.I don't think this was a stunt, her whole album leaked a month before it suppose to release.I think they trying to get her to record some material and come back out with her "new look." I only can think of so many possible theories.

  • AmiJane

    Artist usually express themselves through different avenues. With Estelle it is through music, visual apperance, and maybe other things. Every artist can not look the same, if they did, we wouldn't consider it artistry, we wouldn't even look twice.