Is It Already Time for ‘Something Else’ from Thicke?

thicke-264627.jpgLove Robin Thicke like I love my luggage, but I can probably wait another year or so before he returns, unless his new stuff is so fantastic that it simply cannot be held back. According to SOHH, AOL and BET, this might certainly be the case with his third release Something Else, since all three outlets are reporting on a very intimate and satisfying preview session that went down last week. It could be the mood Robin set with the champagne and candles, or the music must really be boss.

Tracks that seemed to impress the invitees the most were the wistful "Dream World", "Sidestep" with its uptempo, old school vibe, and possible first single "Magic". No details on what tracks The Neptunes were involved in. if any. Something Else is supposed to drop in June. In the meantime he's also reportedly working on Ashanti's new album, and you can catch his piano cameo on Usher's "Love in This Club". I'm all for "getting that paper" but remember when he was just "Thicke"? When his music was edgier and he looked like Jesus? Ahh... good times. [H/T:]

  • inga

    Lol @ Jesus. Yes he did..with all that hair. hahhaa, gotta love "Thicke.

  • Danielle

    I remember him when he was "Thicke" and hooked up w/Andre Harrell and Sprite. He totally looked like Jesus and the music was edgier.

  • Sharonda

    Yep, I remember him as Thicke-on his bicycle with that wild hair, mmm hmm.

  • Dr. Kiti

    I loved him when he was a dirty white boy. Now he looks just like his dad and his sound isn't nearly as exciting as his old songs about 'making babies' or a 'sugar mama' who buys him weed. He needs to let that coke go and start smoking weed again.

  • tia

    I still call him Thicke but I'm not mad at his less edgy sound. "U Center Me" is my jam!!!

  • Jennifer

    His first cd is veeeeeey underrated. Still play that without skipping:)
    And Robin>>>>>>>Timberlake :)

  • k

    Robin Thicke is JT for grown ups, he is much more talented. I loved his first song 'When I Get You Alone'. I love all his music.

  • Trina

    Yes, I can't wait to hear his new stuff I have both of his cds I've been a fan of his since he first came out.

  • tdir86

    wait a little longer? his last album came out October 2006! Its about time another album came out. In July it would have been 21 months since his last release... nearly two years!