It Ain’t All ‘Peaches & Cream’ With One Former 112 Member

Michael Keith of 112 just went on record as saying the group broke up because another member took money that was intended for him and Slim. This is quite a surprise. Although nothing indicated the foursome would be reuniting for another album, we never suspected there was internal strife. Creative differences are to be expected in partnerships, but one thing youjust  don't mess with is someone's money. In an interview with Eurweb, Mike states:

"Because I am such a trustworthy person, and I teach my son the value of being a trustworthy person, once you negate all that, it's something there that's irreconcilable in my opinion. I've put so much of myself into 112 and into the brand and into these guys. For it to be a situation that boils down to simply money, that's something I can't forgive."

Even worse is that this looks like it will result in litigation, pending talks with his business manager. At that point, we'll know if the party in question is Daron, who largely played a producer role in addition to vocals, or Q. Parker, who has dropped some solo tracks of his own in recent months. At any rate, Mike is also releasing some music, so the timing of this bombshell is serendipitous to say the least. I hope they work it out, because this fan did not enjoy writing this. [EUR]

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  • That graphic is an EPIC FAIL.

  • Eb

    Its always the least important member that comes out with some sort of scandal... I dont believe it... Q and Daron wrote and produced the majority of their songs so why would they need to steal any money from the other 2 when they were already making more than them in publishing... whew this is funny
    Maybe he is bitter that all the other 3 are getting opportunities thrown at them for solo projects and he's the only one who isnt

  • Tanisha

    Steal period is a very serious crime so why would he out one of the member if it really didn't happen. Think about what you're saying before you say it. It has to be true especially since no one has come foward to say otherwise......duh!!!

  • Litigator

    Anybody ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

  • Litigator

    Anybody ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

  • Becky

    sounds like he is guilty being that he is the only and the first to come out and speak on it.