SoulBounce Blended & Beat Vol. 1

click to enlargeOur very own Vivrant Thang pulled me out of "retirement" because she's a jet-setter and needs riding music. So I thought, what better way to test out our little podcast feed than with a mix? (If it doesn't work, let us know.) This is the first in a series called "Blended & Beat", because dope music is a good "look." Get it? If not, then there's nothing I can do for you. At any rate, enjoy the blend, which includes dance tracks from across the decades. Your eyes aren't fooling you, that is Sting, Prince and Stevie in the cover. I was also able to sneak in some De La Soul and Kelis, as well as House faves like Kenny Dope, who along with Louie Vega comprises Masters-At-Work and Nuyorican Soul. Props to Stylus for the inspiration. DISCLAIMER: This mix is for those that love to dance. You might elbow someone in the eye. Tracklisting after the bounce.

SoulBounce: Blended & Beat Vol. 1 [Subscribe via iTunes]

  1. Nuyorican Soul (feat. India): Runaway
  2. Cerrone (feat. Jocelyn Brown): Hooked On You
  3. Steve Arrington: Nobody Can Be You
  4. Edwin Birdsong: Win Tonight
  5. Sting & The Police: Voices Inside My Head
  6. Chromeo: You're So Gangsta (Playgroup Remix)
  7. Kelis: '80s Joint
  8. De La Soul (feat. A Tribe Called Quest & Dres): What Yo Life Can Truly Be
  9. Black Mamba: Vicious
  10. Prince: Head
  11. Andre Cymone: The Dance Electric
  12. Kenny Dope: Air Macks (Kenny Dope Mix)
  13. Divine Brown: Jump Start  
  14. Stevie Wonder: Another Star
  15. Dennis Ferrer (feat. K Brooks Sr.): Change The World
  16. Bah Samba (feat. Alice Russell): Portuguese Love (Phil Asher's Restless Soul Mix)
  17. Goapele: First Love (CasaMena LR Remix)
  18. Sofi Hellborg: It's OK Now (Funk of Fury Remix)
  19. River Ocean Tito: Love & Happiness (Sao Benitez Sun Rise mix)

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  • So honored to be the part of the inspiration for this work of art. Some of these artists I'm not even familiar with so you know I can't wait to press play and ride out!

  • Ro

    yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

  • joyesb

    Nice. Thanks. I'm subscribing. Anything with Steve Arrington... I'm on it!

  • T.

    Voices inside my head! Genius.

  • Awwwww shucks now! nOva, I smell a guest set on Soul Sanctuary Radio in the immediate works! Hit me privately and we'll work out the details. Something for the holidays, please???

  • I just finished listening to the mix, while shakin' my booty to the tunes. "Love & Happiness" is one of my favorite house tracks. A lil' bit of everything was all up in there. WICKED mix y'all. 🙂

  • definitely impressed with the selection on this one, particularly the inclusion of The Police, the posse cut from De La's "Saturdays" 12", and the Prince/Andre Cymone cuts. this mix along with all the screaming over Common and Busta's forthcoming dancier material definitely makes the Soulbounce stance clear: yay house, boo techno. got it. duly noted.
    (i mean honestly, you'd think techno was the harmonic equivalent of AIDS on this site or something, the way everyone carried on...i'm just saying...)
    anyhow, looking forward to volume 2.