A Mix, Because We Love Amerie Rogers

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amerie-remix.jpgIt slipped our minds, too. This week, Amerie turned 29. Whatever reasons Amerie doesn't "hit" with some folks are inconsequential at this point, and please spare us the Beyoncé comparisons. Cats were comparing her to Mary J. during the course of All I Have and it was tired then. Sometimes you just dig someone. There's no science to it, no parsing worth engaging in. With that, we wish Amerie a Happy Belated Birthday with a quick blend of some banging tunes of hers. This one is for the fans. Tracklist after the bounce.

Amerie Birthday Blend [Download]

  1. "Rolling Down My Face"
  2. "That's What You Are"
  3. "Can We Go" (feat. Carl Thomas)
  4. "Need You Tonight"
  5. "Think Of You"
  6. "Why Don't We Fall In Love" (Richcraft Remix)
  7. "All I Need"
  8. "Hate 2 Love U"
  9. "Love's Off the Chain"
  10. "Too Much For Me" (with Nas)
  11. "Gotta Work"
  12. "Talkin' About"
  13. "1 Thing"

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  • Lorin

    I love me some Amerie...u can compare her to Bey, BUT technically the swag jack was the other way around; amerie had the Rich sound on "why don't we fall in love" b 4 "crazy in love" or nebody else. And becuase i love it was slept on.

  • DLS77

    I like Amerie. I have her first album ....It's too bad that she gets over shadowed and overlooked. Her first album dropped before Bey's solo effort, so it's a shame she didn't catch on as much. I guess it depends on marketing and other stuff....who knows. She and Mya are two artists who may not be that strong voaclly, but still can contribute to the playing field who keep getting passed over unfortunately.

  • MuseSik

    I have a soft-spot in my heart for Amerie. She is good for what she does. I appreciate what she and Rich Harrison brought to the game. Happy Belated Birthday (not 'BDay')!

  • Reecie

    I love Amerie! I can't wait to check this when I get home from work!!!

  • THe Secret Life of Me

    Love her! She has been sounderestimated and underpromoted over the years! But it is my understanding she gets love in the UK!. Anyway, wow the big 3-0 when did that happen? lol.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERIE! hugs

  • mr. archie

    I've loved Amerie since "All I Have" and I still feel like that's one of the best R&B albums I've ever heard. To me Amerie is Beyonce without the screaming and over-dramatics.

  • The Secret Life of ME

    oh that says but still when did that happen...

  • Rivera

    I love Amerie! Happy Birthday! Even she doesn't have a great voice, her material it's.

  • Need You Tonight?! Nothing Like Loving You?! I Just Died?!
    Come on now! I LOVE Amerie and All I Have is still in constant rotation. Thanks for this mix 🙂

  • Miss Concrete Jungle

    Ahhhh thanks for giving me something to rock out to during my last dreadful hour of work! I'll never forget hearing "Why Don't We Fall in Love" during my very first visit to NYC. When I think of that trip, it's not complete without that song. And then there's "I Just Died?" C'mon now. Each artist she's ever been compared to was a complete waste of time and seemed to make no sense whatsoever in my opinion. I've always dug her approach, and would take her over Ashanti, Mya or Rhianna ANY day.

  • siik

    i hear you.. i'm mad down with amerie. i'm done trying to tell people about her, too. if you sleepin, you sleepin.
    and cosign on i just died! fav amerie track ever!!

  • Liz

    Just what I needed.

  • Amerie made a lot of hiphop dudes listening to a little more R&B!!!
    Beyoncé stole a lot from her;and stupid [email protected]*ck#r think Amerie try to be like "Sasha" people do the same mistake in U.S.A???(I from paris city...)

  • Yo, this joint is fire, slim. Amerie needs to come back this year in a major way.

  • A.

    I'd buy her album, but never a concert ticket.

  • kiki

    Thanks for the b-day present NOVA!!!! you've turned me into an Amerie fan.

  • QH

    Amerie is great, BILT was tres underrated.-QH

  • Reecie

    Need you Tonight and I Just Died are my favorite Amerie joints, thank you for featuring at least one of these...another fave is Just Like Me. I'll agree with everyone that BILI was underrated, but I'd say all of her releases are. I am really diggin this mix....

  • adeosun

    Great mix. She always puts out great albums. Little to no skipping involved. Hope things work out for her at Def Jam.

  • blknite

    I really love this chick. Thanks NOv

  • Yo NoVamatic this blend was nuts!! I love Amerie and I'm tired of talented chics who make great songs/albums like her, Teedra Moses, Mya, Chrisette Michelle and a few other being overly compared by the consumer and overlooked by their record labels. It's crazy but I'm with you fam this was dope

  • day

    I love her i am so glad that someone else appreciates her music..i think people have been sleepin gon her for years and it's sad that she hasn't had the success int he states that she had overseas..i really hope that people will start to imbrass her more here and give her the props she deserves..i think she's great..i hope she continues to make good music

  • marques

    see... THIS is why i love some f*ckin' soulbounce...
    i don't love amerie. i'll admit. i love SOME of the songs; they're bangers, but i've always wished that someone else was singing them. sorry, a, but i did. i downloaded the last cd and didn't even listen to it. but because of this mix, i'm going revisit it.
    i slept on amerie SO much, no matter HOW much i LOVE "touch".
    i'm at work, 'bout to bust a hip cause i'm shakin' my ass so hard. the mix is killer. thanks, y'all.
    and happy birthday amerie. you might just earn a serious fan 🙂

  • nOvaMatic

    Thanks, folks! I'm glad everyone is feeling it. Your words mean a lot.

  • jazzy

    Wow that mix is dope! Thanks!

  • kyan

    this mix is sweet!
    amerie is amazingly talented.
    all her songs are dope.
    she needs to come back ASAP!
    happy belated birthday love!

  • J. Rizzle

    It's good to see some folks go outside of the box on putting up music of a cool artist...Thanx for showing luv to an artist that's so talented and I ain't saying that cause I'm from DC, lol

  • J. Rizzle

    It's good to see some folks go outside of the box on putting up music of a cool artist...Thanx for showing luv to an artist that's so talented and I ain't saying that cause I'm from DC, lol

  • MuseSik

    This is really a dope Mix nOva! I love that you used 'Love's Off The Chain' too!! Love that one! 'Got To Be There' I think is my favorite Amer joint of all time.

  • good girl

    thats hott!

  • P-Harmonic

    This is hot. Amerie is criminally slept on. All her albums are solid and she has swagga like no other. Hopefully people will appreciate the great artist that she is this year. Great mix dude..
    Happy Belated A!!

  • Deb

    I was never a big Amerie fan but your mix is all I have been listening to for the past three days. I'm a HUGE fan now thanks to your mix. Perhaps a mix that features Darien is next?

  • Deb

    I was never a big Amerie fan but your mix is all I have been listening to for the past three days. I'm a HUGE fan now thanks to your mix. Perhaps a mix that features Darien is next?

  • Bella

    This is a hot mix, I love Amerie. She has her unique brand of soul/r&b, incomparable to Bey.

  • ntjt

    Very nice mix. How do I subscribe through iTunes? I am getting error messages when I try subscribing from this site.

  • Lisa Seymour

    OK, nOva, you have got to put this on iTunes or something. i've listened to it so many times it's not funny any more. and i just *know* it'll disappear from the site at some point... please? iTunes?

  • Tosh

    This was a really nice upbeat mix...I never really was into Amerie before but I might download a song or 2

  • Christmas Jones

    "ONE THING" is still the jam FOR LIFE, lol. "Ooooh WEEE feels so serious!" Thats the cut.
    Niiiiice playlist, whoa now.

  • Enneir, da07

    hey could you re up this link? i would appreciate this so much, thanks!

  • bridgette m driver

    please, can this great track be released again. Its so smooth and a brilliant remix


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